Keys In The Cities is a very exciting new project coming to many cities in Michigan. This year our inaugural cities are Lansing and East Lansing, viagra followed a month later by Detroit. The focus of KeysintheCities is art installations and events. This year we are putting artist-painted upright pianos into public spaces and presenting events–music, sovaldi sale dance, medicine theater, whatever–around these placements for the community’s enjoyment. They are also freely available for anyone to play on! These are your pianos! Learn. Teach. Inspire. Play on your own or bring your band, record yourself playing and do a social media upload, have your own spontaneous event!

Our goal is to present a means for the community to express itself in a new, safe and enjoyable fashion. It’s fun and it builds culture, it’s personal and it’s public, it’s art to share. Check out our locations and join us.

As we develop we hope to bring these installations to many cities; those well established and the underserved as well. We know that art and use of public space for the community’s enjoyment facilitates a greater appreciation of the community. A continued effort in this direction improves quality of life, property values and retains residents. We at KITC firmly believe that these very low-cost projects enhance commercial districts and neighborhoods, promote visitations to these areas and allow individuals and communities a chance to explore their own unique gifts. Music and art make us a better people!